When I'm not occupying some of my time with my day job as a Cybersecurity engineer, I explore the mysteries of the globe.

I spent the last 13 years travelling around the world, living through new experiences that slowly built an ever growing flame that continues to expand my curiosity. I still continue to fan that flame in my spare time, even till this day.

This year I visited country number 80 and while it may only be just a number, the lessons I've learned and the scenery i've witnessed, will forever be imprinted on my soul.

I have grown to love wildlife and photography and meshing those two things together only seemed natural hence the main focus of my photography is wildlife with a sprinkle of landscape photography too. 

I take every day as a new opportunity to improve my skills and my techniques in photography. I spend a lot of time building new accessories to fill-in the gaps which i find in wildlife photography and get the creative juices flowing. 
What I enjoy the most is to see that my pictures help bring awareness to animal conservation. I work with different conservation organisations on daily basis to contribute to the preservation of specific species. 
Part of my wildlife photography journey also includes publications to different magazines, newspapers as well as participation to different photography contests. 
This year, I started mentoring newcomers in the wildlife photography spectrum, so if you're soS. 

Don't hesitate if you have any questions or queries : vacheremi@gmail.com
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